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While his choice of words might have been a bit caustic, his response to the backlash really gets to the point Pegg was driving at.

"In the 18 years since we wrote , this extended adolescence has been cannily co-opted by market forces, who have identified this relatively new demographic as an incredibly lucrative wellspring of consumerist potential.

The fanatical fan of the past is now just one of untold millions who enjoys what might be the most popular media franchise in the world.

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But beware false identities like "nerd." They're not just broad to the point of meaninglessness; their main function is to insidiously define your spending habits, an altogether icky proposition if you ask me.

When out pounding the beat for a spell, a policeman never knows when he might bump into a witch.

What once made up the exclusive domain of nerdery has gradually filtered its way into the fabric of everyday life. Most of us carry a device in our pockets that can access an entire Internet's worth of information at any given time.

We obsess and fixate over television shows, movies, and superheroes with an intensity once reserved for comic book store regulars.

By shifting the blame from the people themselves to the market forces that drive them, Pegg--whose autobiography is titled --really highlights the insidious nature of "nerd." There's nothing wrong with escapism, of course, but anything branded with this descriptor is typically designed to placate and pacify, rather than challenge.

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