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“Preparing for an interview thoroughly means being ready for anything, even a curveball question not directly related to the job.

Remember, it’s not necessarily about getting the right answer, more how you cope under pressure,” David Whitby, UK country manager at Glassdoor, said.

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"The interesting thing about the behavioral interview is that when you ask somebody to speak to their own experience, and you drill into that, you get two kinds of information," Bock told The New York Times.

"One is you get to see how they actually interacted in a real-world situation, and the valuable 'meta' information you get about the candidate is a sense of what they consider to be difficult." Hannah Paramore, president of Paramore, a Nashville-based interactive advertising agency, told the New York Times' Adam Bryant that this is one of her favorite questions.

I love people who have to patch success together from a number of different angles." usk is said to have interviewed nearly all of the first 1,000 hires at Space X, and many of the engineers since.

He was also an active and adept recruiter at his companies, including Tesla and Pay Pal, the latter of which had an all-star roster of employees who went on start and fund a number of influential tech companies." Last year writer Jeff Haden asked a bunch of smart people from a variety of fields for their favorite interview question.

Winfrey said she was getting at, "What do you do for yourself? " Feloni writes: "She asks this because she considers her 'secret to success' the fact that she is grounded in her own self and looks for others who are as well.

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