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And within the world of hip-hop, the code of the streets dictates that disrespect is not to be tolerated and no slight is to be taken lightly, which accounts for many of the threats, taunts and vows of vengeance that litter many of our favorite rap records.

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So with all those criteria in mind, here are my submissions for the 50 best entrance songs in UFC history.

Lots of weight classes and music genres represented.

The nature of fandom is hyperbolic, so the decreasing favor of Eminem’s subsequent releases and his uncompromising nature toward maturity or sensitivity or updating his jokes has made him a relatively easy target.

So when the offense taken by fans gets personal, suddenly a goofy, out-of-step novelty like “We Made You” is one of the worst songs they’ve ever heard.

He won over every fan in the building before throwing a single blow.

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