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Later on more complicated patterns combining more than one geometry in a single pattern will be illustrated.These next two examples of artefacts exhibiting Arabic geometry have been included even though they are less complicated in their underlying geometry and far more crudely assembled than that above.

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The lower example, in particular, is extremely poorly set out.

Nevertheless, it has sufficient geometrical integrity for the pattern to be easily seen and readily comprehended.

Based this time on twelve-point geometry rather than the eight-point shown above, there is an evident family feel to the design of the two panels, one that is familiar to many people as characterising their recognition of Arabic or Islamic design.

Again the pattern is formed by the use of geometrically arranged ribs set on the same plane, containing foliate decoration, but here with contrasting materials used to emphasise the distinction between the two characters of Islamic design – lineal geometry and foliate decoration.

They represent the character of inlaid work that is displayed in many decorative pieces.

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