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“That intensity – I don’t think was sustainable.” When she’s talking about the break-up she mutters under her breath “only speak for me”, a mantra reminding herself not to complain about her former partner.

“I made attempts to reach out but the last time we spoke properly was at the Roundhouse.

“We came to the conclusion that it’s being able to have the capital to make a proper record and get out there and tour.

We decided to form Single Lock to find bands we love, help them make a record without the clock ticking, and get it in the right hands.” So is the faucet turned on or off? But you know in the cartoons when there’s that huge swell in the garden hose, making its way towards the end? And as soon as I wanna open it up I have a feeling the next record is gonna fall out pretty fast.

“I’m only a couple miles from where I was born, just across the river in Tuscumbia at Helen Keller hospital. You can still go and see the well and the Ivy Green.” White speaks in a honeyed drawl, with an appealing blend of humility and confidence. When we won, a guy I went to school with texted, ‘Congratulations, now you’ve done something that Led Zeppelin and Queen never did.’ That put it in perspective.

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