Julia fuck 14 02 2014

Covers: The more MAM covers you post, the more I miss these 'zines. Ralphus: Thanks for clipping the “Senora Acero” scene, but as with most television GIMP, there is so much wasted potential here.

Most TV GIMPage is pretty lame, but this scene, and also the recent Yvonne Stahovski scene on "24", were the exceptions to the rule.

This was actually a really good scene, and what made it stand out was because it was both good AND on television, albeit foreign television.

I'd love to see more of what's out there (though I suspect there isn't much), and perhaps some of the local old-timers might even recognize a scene or two.

In part I've written this ambling pre-amble to justify posting my own mystery movie still (and I'm not even positive it's from a film, though it certainly looks like it).

The victim of "Team-B" is always "an innocent bystander" (what we would have called "a civilian"). Regards, El Wananchi Ralphus asked: So what happens in Escape From LA?

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