Black/White Camera Head The K-9MC4 B/W camera head has 420 lines of resolution with a 0.0003 lux low light performance CCD.

The camera neck is spring loaded allowing dogs to maneuver through tight spaces or brush without being caught or held back by the camera arm.

See what the dog sees from a distance and utilize the video recording capability for evidence collection and training purposes.

A popular brand called Tru Narc can even analyze multiple substances simultaneously in attempt to save time. I mean, as long as you’re driving you’re in the clear anyway, right? Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) software is becoming increasingly more common amongst police nationwide.

If price is any indication, Tru Narc technology likely hasn’t found its way into the hands of your local police department as of yet. ALPR technology like 3M enables officers to automatically scan the license plates of both moving and stationary vehicles while instantaneously cross referencing said plates against a comprehensive database.

Even in the darkest of night, some criminals aren’t safe anymore.

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