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It’s about time we profiled Kwon Sang-woo because his popular works are being shown on local TV.With his model good looks and onscreen charisma, it’s little wonder that Mr. The 31-year-old modelled before embarking on an acting career.

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Hobbo Oppa) after calling it quits with songwriter Joo Young-hoon.

A love triangle between the trio made much fodder for gossip.

Kwon Sang Woo: "After I got married, membership in my fan club dwindled from 240,000 to 135,000 - it was like a stock market crash." He also said that before he got married, he had an average of seven TV commercials per year, but by early 2009 that number had dwindled down to zero., with Kim Ha Neul This was the first time I ever saw Kwon Sang Woo act and I HATED his character! It wasn't until I saw Almost Love and Sad Love Story that I started to warm to the actor.

Imma really getting addicted to Kwon Sang Woo~idk why maybe bcz of his Hair?? Obviously its a must~if not,i won't be addicted to you ?? Kwon Sang Woo is my favorite koresn actor, he is sexy like a man and charming like a baby. : D Hoping to see you personally.:) Well,good luck in your career. I like him since I watch My Tutor Friend, and so I'm looking forward to Once Upon A Time in High School since Han Ga In is there too XD I enjoyed his fighting scenes there, haha so forgeous ^^ Love So Divine was also hilarious, his acting is the best! I discover you in Bad Love I was really impress by your performance, that's why I keep on seeing the series.

Saranghaeyo, I love you, you are definitely one great actor. And been inlove with you ever since ( Love CJW too). It would be nice for you to visit USA, that way we all have a chance to meet you in person. I underdtand is not the a single men anymore and he respect his wife but he is an actor a good one. Keep up the good work and make the difference!!!!!!!!!

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