Linqdatasource not updating

LINQData Source control will inturn works with LINQ to SQL or LINQ Entity class (O/R mapping) to complete the required operations.

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It is possible to configure the LINQData Source to use stored procedures instead of the default LINQ to do the database interactions through the LINQ to SQL classes.

Moving forward, we will use stored procedures with LINQData Source control in 3 different scenarios, The LINQData Source control exposes many events before and after databinding which gives us the flexibility to do some business logic or other required operations during the databinding.

Referral Links: Once the DB is ready I tried adding a LINQ Data Context control to my web application. It looks like the example breaks if you try to click the update button after moving to a different page (i.e after clicking the "Last" button): ERROR MESSAGE: Could not find a row that matches the given keys in the original values stored in View State. I´m not using the linq data source, I'm using Entity Framework to get the data to the set and it works, except the buttons.

I named that "Adventure Works.dbml" since I used that database for testing purpose. Ensure that the 'keys' dictionary contains unique key values that correspond to a row returned from the previous Select operation.

Thanks, Thanigainathan Siranjeevi Hi All, Code delete button click event.

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