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Certainly it appears that operations have resumed in 2012 (see below and also Richard Wallace's November 2012 report, 17th December 2012) La Trochita's own website is now the timetable is here

The latter has contact email addresses for operations at both ends of the line.

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Martin wrote a brief report of his December 2000 but pressure of work meant it was delayed (added 22nd February 2001).

Colin Churcher has sent me an account of his trip there in 1995.

As a development of the news about the Rio Turbio system in the two paragraphs that follow (7th September 2004), Locomotives International 71 carried a report - since confirmed by other correspondents - that the railway is considering reintroducing steam power owing to the soaring cost of diesel and the poor condition of their locomotives.

The country is in a poor economic state and conventional alternatives like buying newer, more fuel efficient diesels is not an option.

Check out the English language version of their website, some basic information is also available on this site. Articles on this have appeared from time to time and are best accessed via the 'Modern Steam Index Page' on this site, although you can access some of the key ones directly as follows: The railway is under threat again as the provincial government announced a 'temporary closure' following a strike by railway workers (

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