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We’re doing it: little by little, we’re making our way upstream, wading against the current of sadness.Ray Charles may still be down in the dumps in this soulful, lurching blues number, but really, in all the songs about loneliness that abound, has suffering ever sounded so cool?

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It seems Robyn, Billy and Whitney had it right: you’ve got to learn to dance by yourself before you can dance with a partner.

And once you’re back on your feet, feeling fresh and ready to take on the world? You may even find special someone that shares your undying passion for vintage Whitesnake records.

However, rather than present you with a playlist of mopey 85 bpm tracks to drag your mood down lower, we’ve decided to take your hand and whisk you away on a sonic journey, not dissimilar to the music video for A-Ha’s Take On Me. Turn your speakers to eleven, sit in the window with your knees hugged to your chest, and gently run your fingers over the glass as the rain pours beyond. Play this song through your headphones as you walk, eyes down, hands in pockets through a bustling city street, surrounded by people but seeing no one, just craving that one connection, missing that special person, longing coursing through your veins, your heart crying out for the love that you lost, wondering if you will ever be loved again. Sam Smith's emotive crooning could coax salty tears from the ducts of the most granite-hearted ruffian.

We’re going to start at the bottom, in the pits of despair, and together we shall ascend until those lonely feelings are but a thing of the past. Behold, and wallow in the sweet misery of his music.

Who’d have thought it - things are looking brighter. Whitesnake are here to explode your worries away using the healing power of hair metal.

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