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Max could easily succumb to a rear-mounted flamethrower, get caught in a pincer attack between two cars' grinding rims, or be boarded by an enemy.Players are better off picking off cars one-by-one.I love the options available when it comes to dismantling enemy cars.

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Winning a heated vehicular battle by dragging your enemy off the back of your car is rewarding.

The Road Warrior's unforgettable climax involves an intense assault on a moving caravan that's barreling through the Wasteland.

Strangely, the game's release date is four months after the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road film, which is due to arrive on 15th May.

The game version of Mad Max is set to be a post-apocalyptic open world adventure with on-foot action and vehicular combat.

Destroying the lead vehicle of a convoy scores Max a hood ornament, which can be attached to the Magnum Opus for an automotive stat boost.

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