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At the Porta Collina the Via Salaria and the Via Nomentana divided. One fragment is rather flat and undiagnostic, the other is 'L' shaped in profile and likely represents the edge of a 'tegula' type rooftile. Reverse: VIRTVS AVGG NN, Virtus standing left, head right, holding spear and leaning on shield. A very worn contemporary copy of a nummus struck for the House of Constantine, dating to c. Reverse: mostly illegible but probably copying FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Roman soldier advancing left spearing fallen barbarian horseman. Reverse: copying GLORIA EXERCITVS, two soldiers standing either side of a single standard. A worn copper-alloy barbarous radiate probably copying a SPES AVGG/PVBLICA issue of Tetricus I, dating to c. The seal matrix is pointed oval in plan ('vessica'), with a raised band running down the centre on the reverse and a semi-circular lug at one end drilled with a circular perforation.

Some remains of the gate were identified in 1872 on the Via Venti Settembre beneath the Italian Ministry of Finance. Both demonstrate blackened surfaces and deep red interiors suggesting that they have been lightly burned or subject to intense heating. Three heavily abraded rather and undiagnostic small tile fragments dating to the Roman period, c. All demonstrating high fired bright orange fabrics with occasional large inclusions. A corroded copper-alloy nummus struck for Constans (AD 337-350) dating to c. A very worn contemporary copy of a nummus struck for the House of Constantine, dating to c. On the front of the object is a central design depicting Mary seated holding the infant Christ.

Dating rituals between men and women in 2017 are nothing like the dating rituals between men and women in 1917.

Dating today is a totally different ball game, and single heterosexual men need to be properly prepared for it.

Blue Pill: “Men should avoid bringing up the subject of sex during the activities of the very first date.

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