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For Turkey’s children, April 23, celebrated as National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, is always a special occasion.But what made the 2007 celebrations so exciting for the children of was the national telethon jointly organised by UNICEF and the television news channel NTV to raise money for prefabricated classrooms.Public authorities were understandably cautious at first: they did not want to be accused of building anything less than permanent schools in disadvantaged provinces, especially in the Southeast. They are quick and easy to procure and construct; they come complete with sanitary facilities; they can be moved elsewhere if and when they are no longer needed, and if properly constructed they are proof against earthquakes.

Its main purpose was to assist television viewers to conceptualise what an enormous difference the instant school extension could make to the lives of children — and so to encourage millions of Turks to make donations that would permit the construction of at least a hundred more classrooms.

In the event, the poignant interviews conducted by with village girls helped to attract 125,000 SMS messages and hundreds of larger donations, and to ensure that the telethon raised over 1.6 million new turkish lira — enough to construct 124 classrooms.

This, to cut a long story short, was how Eskin got its practical new classrooms. As a result, the girls of the village are expected to be able to continue their education for at least three more years.

The visit of the mass media to the village on April 23 was not merely a celebration of this event.

A telethon jointly organised by the television channel NTV, the UNICEF Country Office and the UNICEF National Committee in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and the Ministry of National Education () raised over 1.6 million new turkish lira for prefabricated classrooms in April.

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