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But when Aaron discovers the fallen doesn't have long to live, he gives in and redeems Anane, once again alerting the Powers.

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" Vilma immediately understands ("Light Bringer" in Latin is "Lucifer").

She ventures into the temple with Gabriel, only to discover her own personal Hell, in that the professor has captured her again.

Aaron rescues Vilma, but in the process, alerts the Powers to his whereabouts, having lost control and created a flare of fire that pinpointed his position.

Camael arrives to defend Aaron and Vilma from Mazarin, the leader of the Powers, and his forces, but is captured.

On Aaron Corbett's 18th birthday, he begins exhibiting strange abilities, such as the ability to talk to his dog, Gabe, and other animals, leading to the conclusion that he is a Nephilim, the offspring of a human and an angel.

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