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There were still the standard small press stuff, along with coverage about the Fursonas doc, but then around 2016 we got hit with one of the biggest positive articles for the fandom. To say that story put the fandom under a new light would be an understatement.

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The fandom is not seen as it was over a decade ago. There will always be someone who will openly hate us, make fun of us, or make us out as the worse.

But if we are given the chance, we can show who we are, all the good we can do, and occasionally step up if something bad happens close to us.

Then we come to this year where the stories continue.

Notably, popular writer Kyell Gold’s new book, “The Time He Desires,” getting featured on Slate’s LGBT Blog Outward, about tackling in front of current events took social media by storm.

If there is a silver lining with the last two stories, it would be one – these monsters have been caught, and two – when the topic of the fandom came up they never tried to connect the fandom as the cause.

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