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If you want a versatile professional instrument designed for live performance or studio and capable of both Les Paul crunch and real acoustic-like tones, the Epiphone Ultra-III is an excellent choice.

I have 7 guitars and out the 7 this is my 2nd favorite one ( the Taylor Acoustic being number 1 ).

Bryan Aspey demonstrates the Les Paul Ultra III's innovative features and tones in this video from Epiphone: Deep down, most guitarists are traditional.

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Also, to allow quick and seamless changes between each pickup system, the Ultra-III's Nano Mag Volume knob doubles as an A/B switch.

Just push it in and quickly toggle between Magnetic, Nano Mag or both pickup systems -- with no delay and no "pop." Two additional LEDs on the pickup mounting ring provide a visual indicator of which pickup system is active: Red is Nano Mag; Blue is Magnetic, and Red/Blue is both. By using the standard 1/4" MONO output, both the Humbuckers and Nano Mag are mixed into one signal.

Don't be fooled by its traditional exterior -- the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III is a technological powerhouse that combines the classic vibe of a Les Paul with an array of gadgets and features.

Now in its third generation, the Epiphone Ultra series represents the guitar maker's efforts to bring the latest in modern guitar technology to an iconic instrument with expanded tonal options and intuitive controls.

Of course like most all Les Pauls this has great tone and the neck feels great.

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