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Ibn Khaldun notes that in Morocco at his time, the had a curriculum which spanned sixteen years.He argues that this is the “shortest [amount of time] in which a student can obtain the scientific habit he desires, or can realize that he will never be able to obtain it.” When a student completed their course of study, they would be granted an today can be most closely compared to diplomas granted from higher educational institutions.The great Islamic scholar also noted that “prevention of the child from playing games and constant insistence on learning deadens his heart, blunts his sharpness of wit and burdens his life.

Dating back to at least the 900s, young students were educated in a primary school called a were attached to a mosque, where the resident scholars and imams would hold classes for children.

These classes would cover topics such as basic Arabic reading and writing, arithmetic, and Islamic laws.

They had separate faculties for different subjects, with resident scholars that had expertise in their fields.

Students would pick a concentration of study and spend a number of years studying under numerous professors.

Rather, educators take into account the emotional, social, and physical well-being of the student in addition to the information they must master. The 12th century Syrian physician al-Shayzari wrote extensively about the treatment of students.

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