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The objective of the financial holding company and its subsidiaries is to secure the funds and revenues necessary for the intrinsic activities of the NACF, and to provide differentiated banking services to its customers.It offers diverse financial services such as deposits, loans credit cards, insurance, foreign exchange, and securities.

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Its role is divided into three areas: marketing and supply, banking and insurance, and extension services.

Member cooperatives are democratically controlled, autonomous business groups, funded by member subscriptions rather than government financial investment.

On 2 March 2012, the NACF restructured its operations, establishing financial and marketing holding companies through the revised Agricultural Cooperative Law and a resolution of the board of directors on 2 February 2012.

The new NACF performs as the center of the member cooperatives, governing the Extension and Support Unit, the Agricultural and Supply Business Unit, the Livestock Marketing and Supply Unit and the Cooperative Banking Unit.

The largest bank holding companies are required to submit their plans on or before July 1 each year. Nonbank financial companies that are designated by FSOC also must submit on or before July 1.

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