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Mark was already dressed, and he'd dressed the part: shirt, slacks, blazer... Weirder, he was sitting at the desk in the small hotel room, with a stack of books and papers in front of him. Claire, sit down." He gestured firmly to the chair.

She sat, spreading her legs slightly, and looked up at him through her eyelashes.

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He handed her a shot of whiskey and reached into his pocket. " *** The professor almost missed his cue, watching the lithe woman in the black dress lean into his curvy sexpot of a student.

Claire's pussy was instantly on fire, the buildup from the walk over and the anticipation magnifying the sensation. " As she dutifully recorded the number on her clipboard, she noticed his girlfriend staring hard at her. Just in time he looked at his notes and activated her vibrator as their lips met.

If you do well, you'll earn that "A", but if you do poorly there will be no recourse. I'll give you a moment to think it over." What was this about? At the door, they signed in as usual but then he pocketed her ID.

"Don't forget who you are or why you're here tonight, Claire. "Open the envelope, Claire." Joanna felt her cheeks flush as she saw the 'experimental procedure' written up.

---when she looked at the short skirt and white blouse, classic "naughty school girl" attire for tonight's party.

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