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i worked for a company called livelines uk never everwork for these monsters there awful i want to work for excel but can never get through to them..

Your 800 Bill to Credit Card account will give callers the opportunity to increase the length of their call before time runs out thereby extending the call without hanging up!

The phone operator/agent will then have the option of using ‘Extend-a-Call’ which allows the Customer to purchase additional time via the payment module by simply pressing ‘33’ on their keypad.

Just wondered if anyone does this in the comfort of their own home im looking to do this for extra money to go on holiday im very open minded and very bubbly wanting to do it for extra income to take my family on holiday now work has cut out any overtime My OH isnt bothered about me doing it he finds it quite funny really and said go for it if its extra money! Also I will obviously do it when lil one is in bed! iya ive dun chat line with tht same company, in my own ome, also dun it from work offices in manchester, from home was ok, im gona do it again, work when my little girl in nursery, when my house is empty, best time to make ur money in night time and thru the night, but wudnt want my kids hear me moanin on the fone lol not good, u go for it, paid weekly and in ur bank Lmao! Ill be doing it through the night when the lil one is asleep he now sleeps through. Id be falling asleep during a phone call, not sexy at all hahaha Sent from my GT-I9300 using Netmums mobile app Oooh ive been wanting to do this ! Id wait till he went to bed but he goes bed so late !

I was just a bit worried givung bank details out as long as they are genuine. Id be falling asleep during a phone call, not sexy at all hahaha Sent from my GT-I9300 using Netmums mobile app ive heard i have to do an audition over the telephone to excel telemedia!!

Did you ever see that programme about the people who did this job ? Xxx Sent from my GT-I9300 using Netmums mobile app Yes i have just finished my audition and it wasnt as bad as i made it out to be haha.....

They made it look like the easiest job in the world lol. Now waiting for somebody to get back to me to start earning the cash lol.

If i like it i will use the experience to go and work somewhere else for more money hun. It's NOT an easy job where you talk filth and moan - believe me.

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