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He is author and co-author of over 250 scientific publications, and 14 books and monographs.

Manuscripts submitted for publication in TELOPEA are published online, after acceptance by the TELOPEA Editorial Committee and when final editorial formating has been completed.

In response, the rainforests, which covered much of the continent, retreated toward the coasts, and certain groups radiated into the newly arid interior.

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Today, the species composition of Australia's rainforests reflects both an east Gondwanan heritage and an Asian geographical neighborhood.

This complex history makes Australian rainforests a unique model for the investigation of plant evolutionary patterns.

Furthermore, this lineage diversified during the late Miocene, coincident with widespread aridification in Australian environments and extensive radiations of several sclerophyllous groups.

The role of dispersal in explaining the current geographical distribution of Elaeocarpaceae is illustrated by Australia's flora is highly diverse and has high levels of endemism, a product of both its long period of geographic isolation and great climatic change during the Tertiary.

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