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Despite this assertion, the historian Valenciennes d’Oultreman said he could be a character named Aymon: governor of Ponthieu?

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Quenoy is the Picard equivalent of existing alternate French chênaie.

Picard, as north of the northern Joret line, the group / ca-/ Latin has not evolved as in French quena, formerly Caisne, then Duquesne, ‘oak’ came from the Latin cassinus and may be linked to Fraxinus ‘ash’ of Gallic origin*Cassano.

This castle had a tower which together with the rest make up a fortress.

Alice of Namur, wife of Baldwin IV endowed the castle with a chapel dedicated to St. The castle had a park called "Bois du Gard" in which encountered deer, fallow deer and wild game.

The new count, however, preferred to remain in Valenciennes rather than Le Quesnoy.

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