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'This was never reported to the school by Louie or his mother, has not been substantiated by any member of staff at school or by any of Louie's friends in Year 9.

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You will be missed X'His aunt Lucy Roper said: 'My lovely little Lou, I am going to miss you big time!

'We had so many in-depth conversations about life - our love of sharks and the fact that they get a rough deal from most and should be appreciated more.'I could write for hours as you were such a character and there are many many lovely and funny stories to tell and remember you by.'I'll never forget you Louie.

Mrs Fenton added: 'I'm concerned if he was being bullied to such an extent that he wanted to hang himself whether the school has done anything to tackle it and make sure it doesn't happen again.'I never had the feeling that Louie was so depressed that he wanted to die.'Coroner for Hertfordshire, Geoffrey Sullivan, said he would write to the school to ensure their policies for dealing with bullying and self harming were up to date.

He said: 'Given what you have said I shall write to the head teacher at the school to ask if policies are in place and up to date in respect of pupils who experience bullying and do self harm.'Stephen Neate, Headmaster at Richard Hale School, told Mail Online the school was aware Louie was being bullied, but the meat-throwing incident was not reported to them by him or his family.

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