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We get that Ron f—in’ Swanson is a man’s man who loves animal flesh and hates vegetables; now it’s time to make some jokes about different facets of him before his character grows stale.

In all, “Soulmates” was a little too disjointed for me, especially since the two plots barely intersected with one another.

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As part of Chris’s efforts to keep Pawnee from being the fourth most obese city in America — look out, San Antonio!

— he wants to lead by example and remove the hamburgers from the City Hall commissary that have been the lone bright spot in Ron Swanson’s workday for twelve years.

(If you’re unconvinced of the show’s sly genius, say that URL out loud.) But she’s horrified to learn that her best match with a staggering 98 percent compatibility rate, is … Tom Haverford.

After a brief period of denial, Leslie moves straight to acceptance, determined to find out what it is exactly awful, shallow men see in her.

That’s the main takeaway from tonight’s installment of , in which Leslie dipped a toe into the online dating pool after being rejected without explanation by Ben. That person was the last person Leslie would ever want to go on a date with, besides Chris the MRI technician: Tom Haverford. – Turns out the only reason Tom and Leslie were a match is because Tom has a whopping 26 profiles on Haverford; the “n” stands for “nerd.” As Tom explains, “I never even check that one because no one ever responds to it.

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