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Continuing with the dynamic that drove it to consolidate its position in the urban hotels sector, the Barceló Hotel Group decides to take a chance on its European neighbors, which included destinations that are more associated with artistic and bohemian idiosyncrasy.With this in mind, in 1993, the Mallorcan group acquired the Barceló Praha (currently Occidental Praha), the first hotel to join the chain in a European capital and the first of many that followed in later years throughout the lthough the Barceló Hotel Group is currently a chain of city and vacation hotels, 30 years had to pass from its creation as a sun and sand hotel chain for it to open its first city hotel in Spain: the Barceló Sants (Barcelona), one of the company’s flagship city hotels.

These figures position it as the third largest hotel chain in Spain and forty-second in the world.

The group’s property has been in the hands of the Barceló family for three generations.

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he portfolio of the Barceló Hotel Group’s four brands is made up of more than 230 hotels in over 20 countries and is one of the leading tourism companies in the Spanish market, and one of the largest in the world.

In 1981, Barceló Viajes buys the tour operator Turavia, which constitutes the first step towards the internationalization of the group.

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