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Our theme song is by the Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder. And we talk to them, and at some point, their story ends and we move on and that is — generally speaking — it.

PJ: So we are here we are at our “Past, Present, Future” episode. So episode 56 was about this anonymous, masked woman who goes by the name Zardulu.

She later claimed responsibility for having organized the entire thing and, um —ALEX: So I asked her to come in to do an interview … And she texted me to tell me she was outside and I open the door and I, like, look to my left and then I look to my right and standing right in front of me was a person wearing a death mask with a billy goat beard!

ALEX: So Zardulu did the entire interview without ever taking off the mask.

But I can tell you what it’s like to talk to Zardulu. So I begged her, I was like, “Can I please just play like a snippet, like just like a sentence in your actual voice? So what you’re gonna hear is a sentence of Zardulu, but then, for the rest of the conversation, her voice is going to transform into the voice of a 12-year-old boy. But, um —ZARDULU: I studied the contents, the composition, I collected the appropriate materials — including white acrylic paint to keep it simple — and I created a work of art out of what appeared to be bird poop. ZARDULU: So I set the chicken up, basically, like that.

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