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If so, Timucuan contact with that particular expedition was unlikely.

In 1539, Hernando de Soto led an army of more than 500 men through the western parts of Timucua territory, stopping in a series of villages of the Ocale, Potano, Northern Utina, and Yustaga branches of the Timucua on his way to the Apalachee domain (see list of sites and peoples visited by the Hernando de Soto Expedition for other sites visited by de Soto).

De Soto was in a hurry to reach the Apalachee domain, where he expected to find gold and sufficient food to support his army through the winter, so he did not linger in Timucua territory.

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By 1700, the Timucuan population had been reduced to just 1000.

In 1703 the British with the Creek, Catawba, and Yuchi began killing and enslaving hundreds of the Timucua.

They sometimes formed loose political alliances, but did not operate as a single political unit. Augustine in 2006 revealed a Timucuan site dating back to between 11 AD, predating the European founding of the city by more than two centuries.

Included in the discovery were pottery, with pieces from the Macon, Georgia, area, indicating an expansive trade network; and two human skeletons. The Timucua may have been the first American natives to see the landing of Juan Ponce de León near St. This notion is up for debate since most historians now agree that the Ponce de León landing point was more likely much further south in Ais territory, near what is today Melbourne Beach.

The French followed the Saturiwa in this usage, but the Spanish applied the term "Timucua" much more widely to groups within a wide section of interior North Florida.

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