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Exceptions are where an early title has association with Plastylite, possibly using Blue Note’s print supplier () Prestige labels show many variations in typesetting, positioning, and spacing, suggesting frequent repeat orders, and well into the 7000 series colour tint and font style seem somewhat arbitrary.

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Go here for a “helicopter view” of variation in the Fireworks Label, created from a sample of 45 record label shots uploaded to Discogs.

Secrets of the Prestige cover One assurance of early provenance of any Prestige record is that it is associated with a matching early manufactured cover.

Pressing more copies of a record, to my mind, does not of itself constitute a “reissue”, though it is of more than passing interest to those who seek to collect coveted “First Pressings”.

I prefer the term “reissue” to be reserved for circumstances where an another company manufactures copies under license, or a successor organisation republishes earlier recordings from its’ acquired catalogue.

Weinstock was not as fastidious a producer as Alfred Lion at Blue Note, who funded rehearsal time, supervised recording sessions along side Rudy Van Gelder, and often rejected takes according to his own musical judgement as to whether ““. PRLP 7141 Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis “ is the first title found exclusively on the second Fireworks NJ label.

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