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) will come down to a few things, including optical quality (over all focal lengths including at the long end with teleconverter engaged and over all distances-to-subject), how well the VR works on this lens (anyone recall the 300mm f4 PF vibration reduction fiasco? At 3500 gm (7.72 lb) the lens isn't svelte, and VR performance and balance may well be critical in determining if the majority of shooters can effectively hand-hold this lens.Based on my own experience of watching hundreds and hundreds of pretty serious enthusiast wildlife photographers attempt to hand-hold big lenses (from over a decade of leading photo tours), I would suggest that MANY of the photographers in Nikon's most lucrative target market for this lens won't be able to effectively hand-hold it.

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So Lightroom for image culling and image and image catalog management, a combination of Capture One Pro and Photoshop for raw conversion and selective image-editing, blah, blah, blah!

I won't go into all the reasons right now, but over the last few years I have become increasingly dissatisfied with Lightroom for image management (and I've ALWAYS preferred the raw conversion capabilities of Capture One Pro over those of Lightroom).

The new zoom features all of the "latest" features seen on other recent Nikkor lens revamps, including a fluorite front lens element, a dust-and-gunk shedding fluorine coating, an electronic diaphragm, 4-stop VR (with Normal and Sport Modes), AF activation buttons on the lens, and more.

At 3500 gm (7.72 lb) the lens comes in at about 120 gm (or about .25 lb) lighter than its Canon counterpart.

The headline acts include rutting Dall Sheep (in the Kluane portion of the trip) and the spectacle of world's largest Bald Eagle congregation (in the Haines portion of the trip). For 2018 (and based on feedback from the participants on the 2017 version of the tour) we've added two extra days in the Yukon's wildly beautiful Kluane National Park.

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