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While women in “mixed” couples find a spouse who is poorer but thinner than if they intra-married, black men match with a white woman who is more educated than if they intra-married, and a white man finds a thinner spouse in a black woman.

Multiculturalism and integration Political borders are increasingly becoming irrelevant through globalisation and mass migration.

“Me love you long time” is the painfully stereotypical phrase that still remains in pop culture long after it was spoken by the Vietnamese prostitute in Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket.” In David Bowie’s hit single, the glam rock icon sings about how he yearns to escape with his “little China girl” as he throws a bowl of rice, and Geeling Ng embraces him, wearing an orientalized costume — golden headset and all.

Then in 2005, Gwen Stefani paraded around the world with a posse of identically dressed, giggling harajuku girls as she made millions selling perfumes, clothes and accessories.

Another perspective is that newcomers function well within the greater society (without necessarily being absorbed into the dominant culture) — a good descriptive of this would be “harmonisation”.

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