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find your one true match and live happily ever after.What a nice (and seemingly untrustworthy) guarantee! It turns out the Frank and Amy’s entire scenario was actually a simulation — a gauntlet their simulated selves were repeating a thousand times in a millisecond to determine compatibility.of our time, it’s natural to expect that the show’s portrait of app-based dating in the not-so-distant future would be fairly bleak: Something familiar but with a dystopian twist that offers a disturbing critique of the dark impulses that emerge when we swipe or click or message or whatever. It’s like an optimized Tinder: Instead of relying on humans to select matches, Spiro does it for them.

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So, you're an "important" person who can't have their dating profile on just any dating site -- or you want to date an equally "important" person. The League is for anyone who admits they have high standards AKA very picky.

It requires you to sign in with Facebook and Linked In (to avoid setting you up with friends or co-workers) and you can set super-specific criteria.

If you're uncomfortable being primarily judged by your photos, you're better off with a more traditional site like the ones listed above, where you can impress your future suitor with more details in a meatier written profile.

Religion and faith are driving forces for many people, resulting in the desire to date someone who shares those beliefs, too.

With so many dating sites and apps available today, where does one even start?

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