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In the show, called "Love Camp", Michaels promises to help several young ladies "find the ultimate date, and even better, maybe the ultimate relationship." As for why he is the right guy to dish out advice to women about dating and relationships, Michaels says: "I feel that right now in my life is a great time to have this love camp.

I've been through a lot of life experiences and I feel like I can give them the pitfalls and landmines that may help them find the right guy.

Despite the less than classy reputation it received, I was able to experience the reality of dating one man who is also dating multiple others while all living in the same house. Clearly this isn't the normal way of dating, unless you're Hugh Hefner, of course.

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So you need to be very cautious on competing or putting a falsified version of yourself to the front because people fall in love with characteristic traits of a person. That's an added bonus but at the end of the day people fall in love with irresistible, irreplaceable character traits of a person.

So the point being is that although we may have a lot of options you just need to realize that you are not going to be everybody's favorite. You're not going to be the right person for everybody.

Some of you may or may not know that I was on the first Season of VH1's Rock of Love, which first aired almost a decade ago.

Still, I'm asked about it on a plane ride, or in the comments section of the 'Rock of Love - Where Are They Now' blog articles.

Well, six months go by and if you're wondering if this person is really ready don't you think it's about time to have the conversation or talk about it and see if you are indeed on the same page. So that's one of the biggest things that I've found with situations nowadays is people are really afraid to have that conversation.

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