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Don’t forget to PIN IT to your date night board for easy-peasy access!!!One act comedy plays for schools, colleges, community theatres and play competitions. Moments A bittersweet romantic comedy that moves back and forth in time as a couple accidentally reconnect ten years after sharing a passionate but shortlived relationship in this one act play for two men and two women. Monster Dating A woman relives her most disastrous post divorce dates, who turn out to be actual monsters, while lying to an on line dating service in a short play featuring one woman and three men.

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However, if said kinsman stabs one of your friends and it’s partially your fault, he’s fair game. Cute date idea: risk your life by attending a party thrown by your mortal enemies. Cute date idea: consummate the marriage on the eve of your eternal banishment. If people keep saying things like “These violent delights have violent ends,” just ignore it.

If your crush has taken a vow of chastity, just show up at her house. Odds are she will be soliloquizing out loud about you specifically. Flirt with him by telling him he’s a boring kisser.

If your parents disapprove of your relationship, fake your own death and just hope the issue resolves itself. Cute date idea: break into her tomb and weep over her lifeless body.

Every time something goes even a little bit wrong, threaten to stab yourself. If another man is courting your lady, murder him without even asking his name. Strongly imply that she is your only reason for living after knowing her for barely three hours. If your beloved dies unexpectedly, join her in death. Don’t bother fact-checking this development or asking any follow-up questions. There is no reason on earth why you shouldn’t pledge your life to the first masked man who asks if he can kiss you.

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