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His business, Higher Veda Medicinals, a manufacturer of cannabis edibles, closed its doors because the company, formerly known as Swerve Confections, didn’t have a permit to operate in Oakland on Jan. Monday night was a good time to stay inside: Outside, it was cold and pouring rain.It was a perfect evening to hunker down inside a warm house and watch the college football national-championship game on television.After months of polling and behind-the-scenes debate, Bay Area transit officials are ready to move on a proposal to raise tolls on the Bay Area’s seven state-run bridges by in the coming years.

Owners of investment property — from mom and pop landlords to big-time real estate moguls — could get a federal tax deduction of up to 20 percent of their ...

Brian Edwards moved his baking equipment into a storage unit last weekend.

The most important new book about the dangers of Donald Trump’s presidency is getting the least attention at the moment.

“Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic,” by respected conservative author David Frum, offers a persuasive and detailed account of how Trump is ...

Tap and then ‘Add to Home Screen’ Create a shortcut to SFC.

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