Screenupdating true

I use application.statusbar to keep the users apprised of what is happening.

screenupdating true-4

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After the macro is finished, the status bar will show as follows – So similarly, you can update the status bar at different parts of the code, so that the user knows what is happening as the macro is running.

Here is a pic of the status bar while the macro is running.

Alain ute is that if anyone configures addins differently or anything, that messes with the order of controls in the toolbar, simply telling a certain control to execute might run the entirely wrong thing.

You should be able to make a direct call to some method in the rhxl32 add-in.

And then put a debug.print before/after each line (including before after the select line). and then put a debug print after the called sub ends and the code returns to the original sub. Well that narrows it down to the selecting I guess, and I guess further that it's specifically the selection of a sheet that wasn't the active sheet when you launched the macro.

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