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In an act of desperation, he brings Daniel along to Colombia to search for the boy's biological mother.Is the fjord witch just a legend or could it be that Satan's bride lives within the woods of Grytefjord? See full summary » Thirteen year old Jo is a smart thinker of a guy, and has a very vivid imagination, but is bothered by his fellow classmates, and is a rather hopeless soccer goalie.Does Tordenskjold find himself or perhaps somebody completely else? See full summary » Three years have passed since Elling moved to town together with Kjell Bjarne, his roommate from the institution at Brøynes. Still he tries to cope with this difficult time in life.

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Electricians are trained to one of three levels: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Electrician.

In the US and Canada, apprentices work and receive a reduced compensation while learning their trade.

They generally take several hundred hours of classroom instruction and are contracted to follow apprenticeship standards for a period of between three and six years, during which time they are paid as a percentage of the Journeyman's pay.

Journeymen are electricians who have completed their Apprenticeship and who have been found by the local, State, or National licensing body to be competent in the electrical trade.

Lucas, a teenage boy, moves to a small town in Norway from Stockholm, Sweden.

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