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) Check out the numerology charts for compatibility if you want a specific, individual perspective... Figure out that you are working your life together with other lifes. As someone said here before, its just not about signs, it goes deeper than you can imagine... But to read this as an amateur astrologist makes me curious why people like to see patterns and systems in this, and searching for patterns in people.

Astrology is not a tool as such- It is a tool which of knowledge can be perceived. Someone that does not know me, did my chart last night.

These personalities thrive on being fair, and so usually treat others how they themselves like to be treated.

These people are good listeners who are typically non-judgmental and will give you an impartial hearing and practical advice.

The Cancerian Dog person's personality is ideally suited to caring or advisory careers, and they also make fantastic and capable parents.

My ex-husband is a cancer dog (metal dog to be exact).

He presents well, and those that don't really "know" him think he is a wonderful human being and very fun. Zodiac Maniac describes both of us exactly--- closest astrology I've ever read.

They told me things there was no way they could know. Right down to how my hair looks being very important to me. I'm a Capricorn rabbit and have recently met a guy who is a cancer dog and he definetly has his guard up and is rigid but I feel if I got to know him better he'd be very warm and relaxed.

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