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He claims he planned to start a family with Titi and multiple rounds of in-vitro fertilization left her drained and despondent. I thought it was good enough if there wasn’t a baby,” he said.

“My sister’s death has been a devastating blow,” Miko told The Post.

Miss Jessie's Titi and Miko branch opened their first salon in 1997 and developed their popular product line seven years later.

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If you are still searching, walking your path, or have arrived; these words are here to serve as a reminder of something you already know, since this knowledge was born with you. I am bleeding for the loss Of my ownership to the new Ways of being, ways I am told Are not remembered. I bleed for the learning of Histories Unwanted, unknown to the majority Of young girls confused and conflicted They are blinded by fear of such strength Of her own.

Birthed into this world by your mother, carried in the womb of your grandmother. I am bleeding for a garden of hearts That shed into the moons darkness Moving to see that the curse of A mother I once held close Would only bring me to blood. Today I bleed for me, I bleed for her And I bleed for us all.

Ancient wisdom pulsates through you when you bleed the red of the Goddess.

Let these words be an inspiration for you to go out into the world and watch it flow through your eyes as they do mine, or any other sister’s. I am bleeding for the aches of My mothers past, Memorializing The buried in scars protruding to Etch the lines on her face Into form.

Each of our colors were meant to honor our Mother, and are an important aspect of the Goddess.

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