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Help me clear some room so I can print up a new run of shirts, maybe even some tote bags?! HAIRCUT RIK & THE PIGS 7"s are due to hit the presses on Tuesday.

Free shipping still applies for all US orders of or more. Both releases for THE COWBOYS are in the trusted hands of Josh Bonati for mastering and cutting, and artwork is ready to roll, so we're very much on schedule for a February release.

ALSO - I'm always looking for new stores and distros to carry Feel It releases ( others that I distribute), and I've made that much, much easier with a new wholesale website.

Free shipping always applies for all US orders of $60 or more. Really means a lot to have such a strong crowd of regulars and to meet fans of the label/bands I've released whenever I travel.

Just saw BAD NOIDS prove that they're one of the best groups on the planet in NYC over the weekend, what a time!!

For anyone who missed their excellent demo, (which Lumpy has collected onto 7") GEN POP boasts current/ex members of Olympia favorites such as VEXX and RIK & THE PIGS, and the sound here is strikingly original; a mash up of punk/wave/hardcore insanity, with one of the most unique vocal approaches that I've encountered in ages.

Anyhow, the concept is still taking shape, but the 12" will consist of several new Gen Pop originals backed with a remix track from Chris of Trans FX. Speaking of tours, DIRTY & HIS FISTS are hitting the West coast in just under a week! DEC 27 SF @ HONEY HIVE W SPIRITUAL CRAMP, FIRE ARMhttps:// 29 SEATTLE @ BLACK LODGE W/BIG BITE, PSORIASIS, CHEETAH PRINThttps:// 30 VANCOUVER @ ASTORIA W/TBANEW YEARS EVE OLYMPIA @ DUMPSTER VALUESI know it's been years (ages...mate) since Australia's legendary DISTORT mag has published a new issue, but hold tight...we've got three new issues in queue to print up for North Americans in January.

Just as essential to this release are Juliana's tireless, outspoken lyrics (both in English Spanish) and vocal delivery which echoes from a very candid perspective often missing in contemporary punk and hardcore.

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