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Crop circles begin to appear in their corn fields which Graham dismisses as mischief by miscreants.

After hearing strange noises and watching news coverage on crop circles appearing all over the world, the family grows suspicious of alien activities.

Para el proceso de animación, colaboraron un total de 110 empleados de Pixar,​ La historia sigue las aventuras de un grupo de juguetes vivientes, en particular del vaquero Woody y el guardián espacial Buzz Lightyear.

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The flashbacks don't totally work and Shyamalan's traditional twist is not as impacting as he probably planned it to be. Gibson plays it too tight and reverently all the way, it's hard to get with his character considering how straight he plays it.

Then on the other side of the coin Phoenix is better because he is a little looser and more comic, but this doesn't sit well with the `on edge' feel that Shyamalan has given almost all of his scenes.

However when they begin to occur all over the world and are soon followed by global sightings of both crafts and aliens, he begins to realise what is going on, although the reasons behind it are unclear.

When it came out, Signs got so trashed by the majority of critics and imdb users that I decided to skip it.

When friends got it out on DVD I was glad of the chance to see it, but wary that it may not have too much to offer.

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