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Just one more white partner, just one more free explanation, just one more mainstream movie that will almost certainly disappoint you. Blame it on the representation drought or whatever, but here is a Pakistani Muslim immigrant who has found a way to write and perform his own story for the mainstream.Centering himself in a love story is already radical given the chronic de-sexualization of South Asian men, and so my curiosity won over my skepticism.He then approaches her, who is with a brown woman friend, after the show.

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With next to no information about the situation, Emily goes ahead and absolutely loses her shit, potentially becoming possessed for a second as she screams, cries and breaks up with Kumail on the spot.

This is framed 100% as Kumail’s bad and Emily’s innocence in this situation is never questioned.

You know, the ones we were bullied in the playground for. Why is the father characterized as some kind of Bollywood-singing-cymbal-banging-monkey-toy, and, more importantly, why is his mother characterized as an evil heartless bitch who is able to disown her son without shedding a tear or ever explaining why?

Meanwhile, the bulk of the plot revolves around Kumail trying to win the affections of Emily’s white parents while poor Emily is in a coma.

When I left the movie theatre that day I felt winded and deeply sad, and while I’ll be the first to admit that I am generally a sad bitch, I normally have pretty good momentum through a range of different sadnesses, and this is one I have not been able to shake. It’s sad that this film signals the last time I will trust a straight man of colour to handle any matter at all with any decency.

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