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This time, a federal judge threw out the case, on the grounds that Match makes perfectly clear in their terms of service that they do not screen member profiles, nor will they take any responsibility for doing so.

In other words, even if the allegations that most of their profiles are inactive or fake, Match is not obligated in any way to remove them.

One suit went as far as to accuse Match of employing shills to entice members to renew their subscriptions.

Source: Shutter Stock I believe in making my own impressions of people regardless of what others say. If he's telling you that, it's because he means it! 10 tips on how to deal if a guy ghosts you Follow Gurl, pretty please!

However, if multiple people have told you that this guy is a total jerk, tread carefully. Source: Shutter Stock If you guys haven't made anything official yet, but you want to, and he's told you he has commitment issues... And if you guys don't want the same things, that's a problem.

If you meet a guy online and you've been talking for a while, but he keeps putting off hanging out for some reason...

take that as a warning sign that something weird is going on. If you suspect any shady behavior, get out of there.

He's either trying to hide something, or he's just being a jerk. Source: Shutter Stock If you guys aren't even dating yet and you've already caught him in more than a few lies, that's obviously a huge warning sign.

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