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The worksheet, written in English and handed to her on Monday, was due that Friday.

The task was to build a model solar sys­tem using paper maché, newspaper, paint, wire, polystyrene, and balloons.

There also wasn’t enough polystyrene, so the planets had to be mounted on smaller, separate blocks, rather than together on one big block.

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The government made sure that schooling was compulsory, provided free textbooks, introduced ef­fective management by local municipali­ties, and provided maintenance grants for primary schools.

The content of the sub­jects adhered quite closely to British standards and norms for secondary schooling, with a number of vocational options for those not yet entering secondary school.

According to TIMSS (Trends in International Mathe­matics and Science Study), a 20-year-old in­ternational metric, a third of South African school children tested in 2011 performed worse than if they had guessed the multiple choice answers to questions in mathemat­ics.

In fact, so wide is the gap that the aver­age South African ninth grader scores two to three grade levels lower than the average eighth grade child from other middle-in­come countries in mathematics and science.

She arrived with a small packet of water balloons at the Learning Center—an after­school institution in the affordable hous­ing apartment block where she lives—and wondered if the Center could help her complete the task at hand.

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