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The founder, dating website entrepreneur Brandon Wade, says, defending his project, that “escorts are not allowed to use the website. And there’s no sex discussed on the website at all.

So for people to sort of link it or compare it with prostitution is really quite a stretch.” Users tell their own stories: What we think of Misstravel Connecting people with the common interest of traveling is always a good idea in itself, that is what websites like Tripadvisor do all the time.

But many observers say it remains almost impossible for Chinese women to make important decisions in their country’s political system.

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Women not in Xi’s program President Xi Jinping had promised $10 million to UN Women, the United Nations’ Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. “The (Chinese) government talks about increasing women’s political participation, but there haven’t been any concrete measures to support the initiatives,” Chen said.

She urged the government to guarantee 30 percent of political leadership roles go to women.

“There are a lot of women in civil services positions at the local level, but it is difficult for them,” a man named Liu told VOA.

He added that women don’t have as much time as men to work their way up in the government.

The New York Daily News ran the headline ‘Is Miss Travel website a front for prostitution?

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