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can lampoon just about any serious subject -- the White House, sexual misconduct, the White House AND sexual misconduct -- but let's not forget the show's writers can just as handily whip up original tragicomedy of their own.

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"It's like we're in a porn," Bryant quipped, "but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes." Episode date: November 11 A bad close to the year, which has seen a near endless string of sexual abuse revelations coming out of Hollywood and D.

C., prompted Cecily Strong's Claire from HR to issue Colin Jost and SNL viewers a stern reminder in the form of a sexual harassment quiz. Episode date: March 11 Fact: People in Olive Garden commercials act like they've never seen food before.

It was kind of "tribal yet futuristic." Yeah, or basically the Papyrus font -- the same thing used for hookah bars, Shakira merch, and off-brand teas. Episode date: January 21 This year's "Space Pants" was the beautifully simple, weird, and cheesy escape we needed immediately following Trump's inauguration. Like Atamanuik's Trump, Mc Carthy's Spicey was five-star comedic activism, a surprise that will be hard to forget.

It is, as Ryan Gosling's hilarious descent into madness portrays, an unshakable nightmare. Bobby Moynihan's animatronic drumming, in particular, was worthy of a trophy.

quickly on this morning news segment, when a word mixup turned Mikey Day's animal photographer, Danny Bangs, into an animal pornographer. Two lesbian voyagers (Aidy Bryant, Kate Mc Kinnon) docked at Themyscira, hoping to address the gay subtext of the movie's all-women island.

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