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You can accomplish so much more if you start your day right by eating breakfast.

It's been awesome working with the Kellogg's Olympic team and there are some amazing stories on their website.17: Do you have any tips for girls who are too busy to eat breakfast in the morning? 17: Do you have a hairstyle that you love because you can do it quickly after swim practice and then go meet your friends?

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RS: If your mornings are too busy, prepare your breakfast the night before. RS: After swimming, I spray my hair with styling gel and put it up in a messy bun.

Sometimes, I put my cereal and fruit in a Tupperware bowl so all I have to do in the morning is pour milk on it. I don't have time to blow dry my hair and the styling gel helps it dry frizz-free.

How did you feel before and after winning 3 gold and 3 silver medals at the Olympics in 20? Being a returning gold medalist there was a lot more pressure, and I had my goals and dreams, but I also had the target on my back.

In 2008, the whole experience was an amazing whirlwind! After London 2012, there was a huge sense of relief and I was so grateful for how things turned out! Now, I am vegan, which has been an amazing experience!

The Kellogg's Olympic campaign stresses that getting to the finish line begins with a great start.

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