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The preferred file system is the Universal Disk Format (UDF) in versions from 1.50 onward, which is also used by DLA.

Packet writing is not required for writing DVD-RAM.

An OEM version was often available for download for the specific computer system.

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Good news, the IBM version of DLA has been reported to work with many non-IBM drives, and is also available for free online download!

Download the installation package from IBM web-site and install it on your computer.

Without packet writing, optical media like the above-mentioned would have to be written on in one big block, like Disc At Once (DAO), Session At Once (SAO) and Track At Once (TAO), because these media types normally do not support sectors.

After formatting with packet writing the medium is sectored in blocks that can be written to individually.

Drive Letter Access (DLA) is a discontinued commercial packet writing application for the Microsoft Windows operating system that allows optical disc data storage devices to be used in a manner similar to floppy disks.

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