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Pretending to be gay to woo the world's wealthiest man and swindle him out of every cent he has is his mission. Perhaps it would be too cliché to say their lives were changed forever, but it was true. Conning single, rich women out of every penny they have is his pastime. Tunnel no Tan (The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel) 15.

Shinichi wishes someone had asked him for his opinion.

A/B/O dynamics; slash; MPreg; birth; fluff; other warnings in chapters Having noticed KID's interest in one Kudo Shinichi, a frustrated Nakamori believes he's found the perfect way to lure the thief into a trap.

They are compassionate and considerate, and will try to alleviate suffering wherever it is found.

lightx Lhetkeiichixbelldandy...takumixakira...yuujixshana...shuxinori...ginoxkallen...nejihina...special A couples(canon)...syaoranxsakura...pichi pichi pitch couples(canon)... Shus are great team members, they hate discord and will avoid pointless quarrels, going to great lengths to maintain harmony and keep everybody happy.

Sasux Naru Ekoda High's new student is the recently returned Kudo Shinichi, but it seems there's more to his arrival than a simple change of schools.

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