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There is also The Monarch, Rusty Venture's longtime nemesis who transforms from lame joke villain based around butterflies to bad-ass super-villain; his quest to win back his girlfriend and get revenge against fellow villain Phantom Limb, who framed him for murder, catapults him into the spotlight in a number of episodes.Notable for, out of all of [adult swim]'s original shows, coming the closest to making . Thirlwell (aka Foetus) does the soundtrack, which is awesome. There is a Character Sheet for the series, a detailed Episode Guide, a Wham Episode page, and a Best Episode Crowner.The Venture family travels the world, getting into all sorts of bizarre adventures and spoofing the everloving hell out of parody as the characters gained depth and the show took a dark turn into deconstructing the entire "youth adventure" genre.

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The locking system has been proven in combat and is as strong as the CTV2 steel itself, with the pressure not born by small plunge locks, thumb studs, or unreliable liner locks.

Made by operators for operators in the greatest country in the world!

Dark Ops has ensured that each Interceptor 9/11Available in a Carbon Black Titanium Carbo Nitride (Ti CN) vacuum deposited finish, the knife comes with a ballistic nylon knife sheath.

Fight for freedom with the Dark Ops Interceptor September 11th Spear Point / Tanto Knife.

Something a properly trained (or badass) opponent might pick up on.

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